Karyn Bristol – Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Santa Cruz

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When new students walk into their first yoga class, they often fear that they’re not fit or flexible enough. They worry that they don’t have the right body type or that they’re too old; they worry that injuries or physical limitations will stand in their way. But yoga has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re young or old, large, small or in-between, flexible or stiff, athletic or just starting to know your body, yoga can help you.

Let me show you how.

I have been passionate about yoga for the past twenty-five years. I began studying yoga in midlife and it’s been transforming my life ever since. My yoga practice has brought me physical well-being, a deep connection to myself, and a growing relationship to my own spirituality. At a time when I hear many of my friends complaining about aches and pains and physical limitations, I feel more vital and strong than ever—and that is directly due to my practice of Iyengar yoga.

As an Iyengar yoga teacher, I want to share the gift of yoga with you.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

Karyn is wonderful. I love how she individualized the practice of Iyengar yoga. She’s an experienced yogi who brings necessary balance to my life.

–Nancy Guinther

Karyn has a keen ability to tune into people’s needs. She’s able to provide solid support to people with all kinds of bodies and all kinds of physical needs.

–Gwenn Correll